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Micro-sites are a fantastic way of driving natural traffic to your website. These small, content and keyword heavy sites rank quickly and provide a constant free source of traffic. Their function is to act as a “portal” for the main website. We have developed a three part system for designing, optimising and ranking these sites in a very short space of time. Normally one week per website.

List of Our micro websites Clients.

Austins Department Store - Micro Sites

Austins Department store is an family owned, indedpendent department store based in Newton Abbot in England. We have worked with this client for over 2 years. Austins have a large pay per click budget, their SEO has been difficult as they are hampered by the current shop system, Actinic, which is not SEO friendly. We suggested they buy some "descriptive domains" and build micro sites to drive natural traffic to their shopping site. We started with 4 domains - N.B The best performing micro site is, it receives over 300 visits per day of which over 8% convert into a sale on the Austins website.

and based on the fantastic success of these sites rolled the project out to an additional 8 mircro sites.

Please click the links to view the micro sites
One Stop Printing

Our Client African Indawo, has purchased several important "keyword" based domains with the view to build microsites on them and drive natural traffic to African Indawo. The first of these sites launched 3/9/2010 and is allready showing fantastic rankings. One Stop Printing is on page one for its own name and also One Stop Printing Cape Town, which is the clients main area of focus. All content on the site has been compiled with SEO in mind by the Scream Media Copy Writing team. Keywords match content exactly.
Z Fold Marketing

Our client Media Blue has purchased several keyword driven domains to implement micro sites. Each of the micro sites drives traffic to the main website which is currently Media Blue. However due to the success of the micro sites, we will soon be building the new Origami Media website and will redirect traffic there.

The other micro sites are, all enjoy 1st page Google rankings
Business Opportunity South Africa

Business Opportunity South Africa "yes we know it's mis-spelt" is a micro portal leading to the main website The website draws traffic to the keyword  business oppurtunity so as to convert it into workable leads for Kobi and Liel's growing Agel business model

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