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Websites To Go

At Scream Media, we listen to our clients. About a year ago we were asked by clients to produce small websites suitable for small to medium businesses, that look professional are easy to navigate, quick to get on the web, affordable and above all produce enquiries for products or services. In order to fill this need, Scream Media created Websites To Go. The concept has proved very popular and we are building several Websites To Go every month.

List of Our Website to go Clients.

The Kitchen Scene

The Kitchen Scene is an upmarket Kitchen space designer situated in Boksburg South Africa. The clients spec was for a "quick turn around time, a professional looking website that needed to show his large range of products and gain him enquiry's from potential clients via an auto responder enquiry form. We advised the client to use our Web Site to Go package. He was thrilled with the final website, which was live within 3 days!
Toggs Sports

Toggs Sports is a Cape Town based embroidery company. They were looking for a cost effective website, to drive inquiry's to an email address for their great product range. The Web Site To Go option ticked all the boxes. The site was built in 3 days and is ranking on Google South Africa for many important terms e.g. sports clothing Cape Town and embroidery Cape Town.
Drusillas Inn

Drusillas Inn, is a fine example of a British Country pub. Their required a clean, small website to advertise the pub to visitors to Dorset. The website represents their clean, country atmosphere. Selling their fantastic menu. The website is still with us after 3 years and enjoys excellent traffic in the UK for various terms relating to pubs in Dorset and good food Dorset.
GB Rally

GB Rally is the brain child of Shaun Gay. A prominent UK business man. He requested a small, user friendly website to promote his Rally's which he organises for London businesses on demand. He also supports the oral cancer trust with the proceeds of the Rally's
Stefan Hippler

Reverand Stefan Hippler is the director of Hope Cape Town (also a Scream Media client) His personal website makes use of java to rotate the excellent images. Stefan uses his website to link to his Blog and promote his work with Aids victims in Africa
Beez Garden Service

Our Client Beez Garden Service wanted a fun colorful website to promote his garden service and landscaping sevices in Cape Town. He opted for our cost effective Web Site To Go package. The site has only been live 2 weeks and is already out ranking the competition. Congratulations Brian on a lovely site.
Sell With Speed

Our UK based clients requested a SEO friendly website that acted as a sales portial for their real estate company. Sell with Speed was created using our website to go templates, with the addition of scrolling text and images. The project took less then a week to complete. Our client has now commissioned Scream Media to build a second WebSite to Go for them, this site will be basic for now with the view to upgrading to a CMS solution in the near future.
Alter Ego Media

Alter Ego a blue tooth marketing company, wanted  a website quickly and at a good price. The best option for them was deffinately our Web Site to Go package. We used images from their powerpoint presentation, interjected with royalty free images which accurately describes the product in the rotating images.

Our UK client needed a clean, crisp design to promote his property investment company. the website needed to encourage people who were interested to invest in the residential property market in the UK to leave their details so the Prop Wealth team could contact them.
Point Jewellery Exchange

Point Jewellery Exchange is an excellent example of how striking and visual our Web Sites to Go are !!! The images were purchased on behalf of the client, and proffessionally edited by our design team to achieve the crisp effect you see on the banners

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