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List of Our SEO Clients.

Watch Wizard

Watch Wizard is owned by the same Jeweler who owns Watch Planet. The client wanted to freshen up the look of the site and rank it better. Scream Media changed as much of the code to make it SEO compliant as was possible. Unfortunately the shop was controlled by an "off the shelf" system that could not be SEO'd (this resulted in Scream Media building Watch Planet for the client) Despite these set backs Scream Media was able to rank the website for several essential search terms, e.g. "ladies Tissot watches" one of the clients top selling lines. Scream Media made use of submissions, links and blogs to achieve this
Train Tickets

Train Tickets is part of prominate Cape Town business man, Mr Alan Haffey's growing website portfolio. The Website is geared to the UK and the European market, and has affiliate feeds from Tradedoubler as its main source of income. We will shortly be adding several content rich pages and search tools to the site to improve client retention in this very competative market.
Tough Times Transport

Tough Times Transport offers unique funeral transport. As a niche product, it lends itself completly to SEO. We started the SEO process with recutting the website, adding meta tags and titles. Our phase 2 starting in October will see the site growing with new content pages (some of which will be in African lanuages) Their video has also been placed on You Tube - watch this space...
Media Blue

Due to the flash nature of the Media Blue website, our on site SEO was limited. However we have obtained 1st page rankings for many important terms. We also made use of our microsite technique to further optimise the results. See Miro Sites
African Indawo

African Indawo is built by Scream Media in PHP with SEO in mind so no code correction was neccessary. We are using a combination of SEO - content heavy pages, Facebook, Twitter and Micro sites to build page position. The site is ranking very well on "quick quote" terms and we are currently adding more descriptions to broaden this ranking.
Very Cool Ideas

We have re cut the Very Cool Ideas website and added search engine friendly descriptions, tags and meta's. Url's are now intelligent and the site has been submitted to various search engines and directories. We continue to add content rich pages and meta tags on a monthly basis

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