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List of Our PPC Clients.

Strictly Coffee

Strictly Coffee is currently purchasing traffic from both Google Adwords and Facebook PPC. We are obtaining a 2.3% clickthough on Adwords and have over 700,000.00 page views on Facebook.
Media Blue

Media Blue is advertised via Google Adwords and Facebook PPC. Both platforms perform at over 3% conversion rates
Austins Department Store

Austins is one of our UK clients with a large Google Adwords budget. They currently enjoy a conversion rate of over 2%, in a ver competative market.
African Indawo

We are buying traffic to African Indawo via Google Adwords and Facebook PPC. Coversion is running at over 3% on terms like printing company Cape Town
Very Cool Ideas

Scream Media uses both Google Adwords and Facebook PPC to promote Very Cool Ideas. We are currently achieving a 3.65% click through rate for the Adwords account.

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