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Scream Media offers a full range of marketing services. We can assist your company with everything from leaflet design, email marketing, copy writing, booklets, businesses cards, email signatures and if your not in South Africa we can act as your “virtual office”

We have partnered with a fantastic print partner who ensures we get great prices for our clients. We can also assist you with off line marketing, trade shows and promotions.

List of Our Marketing Clients.


Bosieboo, based in Sweden launched in 2006. The ceo Elaine Barnes worked closely with Scream Media to produce several email blasts, and other marketing materials such as leaflets, posters and product labels. Scream Media also assisted in redesigning the website on many occasions. Bosieboo was subsequently sold to a large childrens chain in the UK
Property Know How

We met Steve Bolton at a London business show several years ago. Steve was on a board of high net worth business "dragons" His website Property Know How, formed the back bone of his Property training business, and was not getting enough traffic and conversions. Scream Media assisted in the redesign of the website, optimising the website and promoting via keyword research and submissions. We worked closely with Steve on achieving his goals. His attendance at his workshops steadily increased. He has since partnered with another property "dragon" and his business as gone from strength to strength. We are proud to have played an important role in the development of Steve business empire.
Media Blue

Media Blue is a flash based site and as such needed assistance with their SEO. We perform all SEO - (see microsites) for a look at the very succesful Media Blue microsites portfolio. We have listed Media Blue on relevant directories and have backed up their marketing with paid traffic through both Google Adwords and Facebook PPC. Media Blue also has a Facebook and Twitter presence
Peoples Plan

Peoples Plan Dental Maintance Plan is a new business launch in South Africa. Based on a similar model available in the UK Peoples Plan provides custom made dental plans to dentist throughout South Africa. In order to sign up a dentist who in turn signs up patients, Scream Media has built a custom made back office which is accessable to reps, dentist's and the administrator. The back office also acts a a payment portal to Netcash, one of South Africa's leading payment gateways. A very challenging build... Scream Media also acts the marketing agent for Peoples Plan, as currently both it's founders still live in the UK.
Train Tickets

Our client requested more information be added to his website to assit with SEO or the site. He wanted to attract people who have experienced and enjoy Train Journeys throughout the world. Scream Media produced a new section for the website with information written on top Train Journeys in the world. We are now handling all the social media marketing for Train Tickets. We have a Facebook portfolio,page,and group, a Twitter account and a blog linked to the website
QS World MBA Tour - Africa

Scream Media has been brought on board by QS to promote the African leg of their World MBA Tour. We have created their social media presence from scratch developing a blog, Facebook page, Facebook group and Twitter account. We have also made use of email marketing to drive registrations for each Event. The events take place in March 2011, and are hosted in Ghana, Nigeria, Johannesburg and Nairobi.

Scream Media was selected by TrashCanKidz as their social media marketing partner. Our marketing team has created a Facebook profile for the game, as well as the charity EarthKidz International, TrashCanKidz partner. Six of the characters also have Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. The website and game is undergoing some upgrades, when this is completed we will also be publishing a blog for the game. Watch this space

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