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E-commerce Websites

When a company wants to sell their goods and or services online, one of the most important aspects to consider is a professional, secure shopping area and checkout. Scream Media has developed an E-commerce solution that ticks all these boxes. We can adapt the system to suit individual businesses needs, so the look and feel of the Eshop is always unique. The functionality of the system includes great features such as; top sellers list (automatically generated by orders), the ability to mark down items, showing original, amount saved and now price, separate facilities to calculate delivery cost by using weight, and a stock on hand system. The shopping cart is easy to use, clients can add or clear at any stage. Best of all it has been developed to easily plug into virtually every type of payment system available including PayPal and Google checkout.

List of Our Ecommerce Clients.

Watch Planet

Watch Planet is owned by a successful UK based jeweler. The client was tired of the restrictions placed on him by his original website. Scream Media redesigned and marketed his original website but could not effect any change on the shop area, as this was controlled by an (off the shelf product) called Actinet. Actinet did not allow the client the freedom he needed to run his online shop, it is also not SEO friendly. The spec for Watch Planet was to build a modern, trendy website, with a fully interactive CMS and shopping cart. The site had to be both attractive, make use of some "movement" but still rank very well on Google and .com. We are still assisting the client with the SEO on the website, which currently enjoys 1st page rankings on Google and .com for important search terms in a very competitive market
Part Spares

Part Spares has one of the largest spare part business in the UK. Their database that needed to be loaded to the Ecommerce CMS was over 5000 items. The amount of variants on this was over 2000 categories, a huge challenge. This site is a great example of the power of our Ecommerce code.
SA Eshop

SA Eshop was formaly owned by H2L and was sold to its new owners at the begining of 2010. The design was done by Scream Media as was the Ecommerce CMS and shopping cart. This site enjoyed over 500 unique visitors a day and is one of the leading South African online shops in the UK. We wish the new owners well with the Shop.
Braai Meat

Braai Meat was part of the SA Eshop stable that we sold in January 2010. It is an online butchery selling South African meats to ex pats in the UK and Europe. The desing is simple and uncluttered, its ranking is fantastic. In January before it went to its new home it enjoyed over 600 unique visitors again. Thats alot of boerewors. The shop interface was built specifically to allow for different weights of the meats and also to include postage charges.
Easy Media

Easy Media's spec to us was to create a trendy tech driven website. With a full product CMS and shopping cart that can be plugged into any payment platform when the client was ready. The admin area allows the client to keep control of his stock levels and to upload unlimited items and catogeries. We also provided the client with the ability to change the rotating banner.

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