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CMS Websites

CMS stands for Content management system. At Scream Media we have developed our own bespoke CMS systems over many years. Our CMS system are all developed 100% IN HOUSE we do NOT use any “off the shelf” products like Jomla etc. Just some of the features of our CMS systems are, editable calendars, search functionality, shopping carts, image upload in scrolling and flat images, login areas for clients, video and image upload, menu edit facilities.

We can offer the following content management system to our clients.

Content heavy CMS: This system is very popular with websites that need to present large amounts of information to visitors. The information is normally updated frequently and therefore having access to a CMS system is cost effective for our clients, as they can add, change or delete content with ease.

E-Commerce CMS: (see E-Commerce websites)

Social Network CMS: This is our latest content management development. Basically it give the client the ability to add a full social network platform to their website. Allowing their client to interact with one another and by doing so, hugely increasing their SEO potential, with the unique content provided by the clients.

List of Our CMS Clients.

Maison French Furniture

Situated in the small market town of Ringwood in England, Maison is a small boutique french furniture supplier. Their shop is situated in a small upmarket shopping center. The spec from the client was to create a search-able, upmarket website to compliment their shop. The images were professionally shot either in the shop or from suppliers and the site designed by us. The site ranks on the 1st page of Google for the search term “French furniture” We opted for the .com as the client sends out furniture all over the UK and Europe. The client uses the CMS system to update products and pricing on the website, as their stock is always changing. The client will be plugging in our E-commerce CMS and shopping cart shortly so orders can be placed online.
Southern Africa Holidays

Southern Africa Holidays are a South African based tour operator, representing a large amount of Hotels, Guest Houses, Lodges etc. The site was designed by Scream Media. The Client opted for our content heavy CMS system so she has control over adding new accommodation, and editing prices with ease. Note the use of drop down menu, intelligent URL's and tabs to accommodate large amount of information without looking cluttered. Once the website was complete the client started a SEO and PPC campaign to promote the website. We are still actively promoting the website for the client.
Direct-response TV (Now DRTV)

This is one of our UK clients. DRTV is a very popular marketing medium in England. Our client is one of the leading players in this industry. Our brief was to design a website, where content could be easily updated by the client. The site needed to rank well naturally as direct response tv is a very competitive industry in England. The site was ranked on the 1st page of Google for all the important terms for this industry including “DRTV and direct response tv” The use of scrolling images allowed the client to "explain" the product benefits with ease. The original website has now been 301 redirect to the clients new url. The 301 redirect ensures that the client did not lose any of his page rank and position on Google when moving to his new URL.
South Africa Info

The spec for the CMS on this website was to place the control of the content and applications in the hands of the owner. The owner has no web coding skills, so it was essential that the CMS was user friendly and easy to update. This is an excellent example of our fluid CMS stratergy, not only is the left and right hand navigation controlled by the CMS but also the top rotating banners and right hand buttons. In fact the version of our CMS that we applied to this website gives the owner complete control over, content, graphics and advertising. The inteligent url system and "built in" SEO per page, has resulted in the website ranking fantasticaly on
Beechwood Recruitment

Beechwood Recruitment was built over 5 years ago. Their main concern was having a system that could sort both CV's received and job specs into a searchable format. The CMS that runs on the back of this website does exactly that. It allows the Beechwood staff to easily match applicants with vacancies. It also controlls the upload of CV's and job specs from their advertisers. Allowing for Beechwood to moderate these entries prior to putting live on the website.
Value Baking Supplies

Value Baking Supplies brief was to use their corperate colors and to create a CMS driven website to list their huge range of products. The CMS system allows the client to upload, alter and or delete images, descriptions of products. The CMS also has a SEO facility by product, where keywords and titles can easily be added. The site has excellent page ranking and enjoys over 500 unique visitors per day. Scream Media has also done link backs and marketing for the website
Iris House

Iris House runs a basic CMS that allows the Charity to easily upload news and events and change images and content  on the website. The CMS has built in SEO and allows for keywords and titles to be added by page.
School Jotter

Scream Media are proud to annouce the addition of School Jotter to their CMS offering. In partnership with WebAnyWhere, Scream Media has launched School Jotter in South Africa. The CMS system is tailor made for Shools, with a large range of tools available. The system is demonstrated by Scream Media to prospective schools using "go to meeting". Scream Media also provide all training and support for the product in South Africa.
Hope Cape Town

Hope Cape Town is one of South Africas leading Aids charities. They wanted to update the old website and also be able to update the website themselves. We built a bespoke CMS system for them which allows the users to control content, images, and news. The website also displays in both English and German. We added social media links which are currently done by the client. The site can except donations via Virtual Card Sevices

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