Welcome to the Scream Media Newsletter...
2010 has been an exceptional year for Scream Media. We can confirm that our move back to South Africa “although nerve raking” was definitely the right move at the right time. We have seen unprecedented growth of over 85% in our client base, and continue to have new inquiries coming in via the website and word of mouth on a daily basis.

We have settled in the Northern suburbs, in a lovely property with a purpose built home office. Initially we were concerned about finding quality staff, however this was completely unfounded, and we have quickly grown our team to 7 members, with further additions planned for 2011.

Thanks to our 7 years spent learning and perfecting our services in the tough UK market, we have been able to leap frog many South African companies. Quickly establishing ourselves as a leader within the Online Marketing and SEO industry here. Our UK client base has also seen great growth, in particular when considering the effects of the recession on the UK and Europe.

Presently we are still running off the url www.h2lonlinemarketing.co.za as it has achieved fantastic natural rankings. (see examples in the article from our SEO team) We have made progress with the Scream Media Website, but it is far from complete. We aim to have this done by April 2011. Click here for a sneak preview of our new site. www.scream-media.co.za

If you haven't already done so check out our blog-spot on the H2L website, here we give free advise and info on all aspects of Internet Marketing. Feel free to join us and post any questions or comments. Our Social Media marketing has really taken off, with many of our clients enjoying a Facebook and Twitter presence manged by our marketing team. We invite you all to join our Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter.

We will be sending out regular newsletters in 2011, to keep you updated on whats new in the industry and new developments within Scream Media.

Each newsletter will feature a clients website, and their details, we want to encourage our clients to network and where feasible make use of each others services while enjoying exclusive discounts and offers.

In This Issue:


Our Featured Client - African Indawo
African IndawoOur task is coordinating and dealing directly with owner-operated printing companies who are personally involved and dedicated to superior service and consumer satisfaction with the all important quality and on time delivery. We see our role as champions of the print supply chain constantly working with the end user and carefully matching and translating their printing needs from layman’s language to printing terminology.

www.africanindawo.co.za - info@africanindawo.co.za

If you would like us to feature your site in our next newsletter, drop Sue an email.

Some news from the Departments...
DevelopmentFrom the Development Team:
Out with the Flash and in with the HTML5:

Imagine turning on your television to black and white images. In fact when buying a television colour isnt even something you consider as it’s already a given. The new HTML5 is to the internet as colour is to the television.

Well, soon it will be.HTML5 is the long-awaited upgrade of HTML that came out in 1999. It will soon be the new standard language used on the Internet.


Web DesignFrom the Design Team:
When it comes to design trends there will always be contradicting concepts and ideas. And 2011 looks to be no different with two exceptions, usability and sleek design.

If the exceedingly popular social media sites Facebook and Twitter’s minimal designs are anything to go by, a big trend in 2010 that will only gain momentum in 2011 is streamlined web designs. However minimalism is not necessarily restricted to cold blues like the above mentioned websites. Minimalism is warm and to the point. Clean and creative use of typography is a good starting point with this trend.


MarketingFrom the Marketing Team:
Social media marketing has been all the range for the past few years, and if you have not already jumped on the band wagon not to worry. There is still plenty of space in the social media world, unlike Google result's, social doesn't have a front page!

At the 2010 Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo, Greg Jarboe, president and co-founder of SEO-PR revealed that Americans watch more videos a month on YouTube than they conduct searches on Google. With uncapped internet packages and bandworth South Africa is not lagging to far behind. Keep in mind that you should consider video marketing tactic to support your overall marketing campaign not the other way around if it doesn’t fit into your strategy.

SEOFrom the SEO Team:
A website that does not use SEO is no website at all. Maybe that is taking it too far, but a fair ranking on a search engine is dependent on many things of which SEO can play an indispensible role.

To give an adequate overview of how search engine optimisation works one should first look at how a search engine works. First, search engines crawl the Web in order to see what is out there.

This task is performed by a piece of software commonly called a crawler or a spider. Spiders follow links from one page to another and index any content they find on their way.


What is in store for 2011?

We are very excited about what 2011 has in-store, our developers have been tasked with understanding and working in HTML5 by mid next year (see our development teams article) and we plan to add a new designer to our design team.

We will be growing the number of our fantastic student casual's, who assist us with submissions and link backs. Due to the planned growth in staff, we will be looking at new offices by May, but don't worry they will still be in the Northern Suburbs, “if we have our way, very close to our home” We are also launching 4 one day training seminars, covering the basics of Online Marketing and SEO.

We will start with running the seminars in the Western Cape, however we plan to roll these out to Jhb as soon as possible. Look out for the new Learning section on our website and Facebook page for details of dates and venues. Should you want to pre-book your seat, pop us an email.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank YOU our fantastic clients, for your support during 2010 and also for the much appreciated referrals to new clients, 1 in every 3 of our new clients come to us as a result of your recommendations. Thank You!

We know that 2011 will be another year of steep growth for us, but we as always will not compromise our personal contact and service levels in favor of growth. We believe “we our only as good as our clients perception of us” and this is not about to change.

Wishing you, your families and members of staff a very Merry Christmas, snow or sunshine – and a prosperous New Year.

Best Regards,

Ferdi, Sue and the Team!