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Welcome to H2L Online Marketing South Africa

There are many Online Marketing and Web site design companies on the web. Unfortunately not all of these deliver on what they promise. At H2L we only make promises we can keep. We pride ourselves in delivering to you our client: professional and friendly service, a “no problem” attitude, speed to market, free advice and support and above all, fair prices.

Why Choose H2L for your website design, or online marketing?

  • International company
  • Over 15 years collectively in the industry
  • Cape Town office run by a South African
  • Honest Prices
  • Short turnaround times
  • Quality designs
  • UK Servers
  • Personal service
  • Payment terms
  • Sites that rank
  • Top PPC results with less spend
  • Increased traffic to sites
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"In short, we are your one stop online marketing partner"

Want to know more about us?

What Can we offer you?

H2L Online Marketing offers a wide range of internet solutions to suit companies of all shapes and sizes .If you are new to the web and need a site built from grass roots up, no problem or If you have an existing web site, we can increase traffic to your sites and improve click to sale conversion rates.

We offer a variety of Online Marketing services including Web Design, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), PPC(Pay Per Click Advertising), Email marketing,Web Hosting and bespoke Programming and Scripting. Absolutely nothing is outsourced, which means your web site will not become ineffective as a sales tool and disjointed as an application. Our development teams can complete any webdesign and SEO work required - whether you require a complete web site design and build, you own designs coded into valid XHTML, or graphical design work.

Contact us today on +27 (0)21 559 0800 to find out how H2L can help to provide you with a class leading web development service.

Quote of the day

"Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does." Steuart Henderson Britt

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